1988 -1990

Varoshi Fame would play regualrly in and around Toronto between 1986 and 1990. Due to its size and complexity, Varoshi Fame found it increasingly difficult to pair up with local bands that used actual real instruments. So the solution was, of course, a puppet show.

These three episodes were the only ones that we had written and arranged. They are centered around a bar where the owner and bartender is a grutch and does not like people. He is conflicted by this because he needs to get people into the bar if he expects to succeed. He has a friend called Fred who keeps coming up with ideas how to get more people to patronize the bar - none of which work and end up with the bartender losing his head...literally.

I would use red food colouring which I had in a enema bag and channelled the tube down onto my middle finger. I would flick the puppet's head off at the right time and release the valve. Puppet blood would then shoot out all over the place. People loved it. Many local musicians and friends added their voices to the making of the puppet show, It was recorded on a Teac 4 track and played back in the native format.

Voices: Jon Christian, Deborah Forbes, Zoltan, Gary Keller, Pis, Rick Menich, Colin, Isobel Eliot, Mungo Dobie, Gord Disley.