1982 - 2005

POWERHOUSE is in some ways a joke band invented by the members of Jules Hanon in response to the silliness of the music industry. It was first conceived by the band during the 'Can You Picture That?' sessions in 1982 with the recording of 'Cocaine'. From there POWERHOUSE became a buzz word when making fun of bands who believe themselves to be great when in reality they are terrible. What made POWERHOUSE difficult to do was that playing something badly takes skill surprisingly enough. There were times when we were simply not in the mood to play badly. But overall the recordings here are a lot of fun. If you are in the least bit politically correct then maybe you shouldn't listen to this album. But if you have a slightly twisted sense of humour then you will be able to find respite here.

POWERHOUSE made a short film - comedy of course - and it can be found in the Videos section of this website.

As a sub-note I will add that Mitchell Soloman (the fellow who played the role of the keyboardist in the film) died in 2004. He was a close friend of the members of Jules Hanon. He contributed to the making of Jules Hanon albums by adding his voice to various songs throughout the years. Mitch played bass guitar but never for Jules Hanon. He also lent me his Arp Odyssey. I made good use of it on many of my own albums. Thanks Mitch. We all miss you.


Musicians: Luke Warmwater, Bartholemew Featherstonehopperson, Saddam Smart, William B. Victenshcumphulmeir