Certainly I had been in numerous bands before Magic Heaven but Magic Heaven is the oldest band recordings I have. This was not a very organized band. Unlike other bands I had played with, Magic Heaven never performed anywhere. But it was an entirely original band. Perhaps that is why we never played anywhere. Or maybe it was the drugs.

I wrote all the songs and it was my first time trying such a thing. We had no means to sing since we did not have a P.A. or microphones. But that was fine since I had not written lyrics yet. I played bass guitar (something I love to do) in this band but I wrote the songs on guitar.

It was a lot of fun...from what I can remember. There were a lot of drugs involved.

Musicians: Noel on guitar, Ken Prudomme on drums, (2 different guitarists whom I forget the names of - both played lead) and me on bass.