What this album grew out of is the original Jules Hanon demo tape. It was made in haste due to lack of a proper budget and as a result was virtually unproduced. The Jules Hanon sound had not yet been formed. However, this is a fun album with some really twisted Jules Hanon affectations on it. The song 'Level Iran' was written as a parady of the serious situation that was broiling in Iran at the time. 'Concerto For Insane Sheep in Bb' is also a rather strange piece of music. The financier of this project grew increasingly intolerant of Jules Hanon's studio antics and soon after its release gave up on the band completely. This was fine by me since I wanted full control in the first place. By 1982 I had gained enough strength to finance my own project which I did by producing the Jules Hanon album 'Can You Picture That?'

Sons Of The Revolution was recorded at Comfort Sound In Toronto.

  • Musicians: John Christian, Gary Keller, Steve Brown,
  • Instrumentation: guitar, drums, bass, vocals.