Self produced album, Can You Picture That ?, is a wonderful example of what happens when you let musicians take control of a studio. Recorded at Le Mix in the summer of 1982, it is the first time Jules Hanon worked with Andrew St. George. It became a long working relationship and friendship. There are some moments on this album where the contents are somewhat questionable. We were having fun...that's all.

One interesting note: Robin Keller, Gary Keller's brother, appears in the song ACDC as the stoner dude who walks out of the studio onto the street to ask people who their favourite rock'n'roll band is. This actually happened. We set up microphones out on the sidewalk and Robin had a hand held to conduct the interviews. It should noted here also that there is a great deal of non political correctness going on in this song and if you are in any way offended by that please do not listen to it. Robin Keller soon left Toronto after that recording to live in the back woods of British Columbia as a tree planter. He is still living there doing just that. He did not fit into city life whatsoever. I have tremendous respect for him.

  • Musicians: John Christian, Gary Keller, Steve Brown, Grace Larder.
  • Instrumentation: guitar, drums, bass, vocals.