Family Jules took 18 months to record on account of the cost - the most expensive of all albums. It was recorded at Comfort Sound in Toronto. This is the pinnacle of Jules Hanon's work. As a five piece on this album, Jules Hanon's sound is sophisticated and well produced. This is my overall most favourite album from that time period. I arranged and produced this album and I am still pleased with how I accomplished that.

One interesting note: This album was dreamt up by me one year after I retired from music. I was met with quite a bit of opposition to the logic of the making this album. The main criticism was that since I had quit music why would I be making an album. At first I took the time to explain my philosophy on the production of music in general and the economic exchange that follows This fell mainly on deaf ears and I realized that what I have embarked on, as an artist, would be even more difficult since retiring than when I was a working musician. This misunderstanding has never gone away. While to me it makes perfect sense to produce art regardless of economic exchange - in fact it make more sense to do so - to everyone else it is a mystery why anyone would waste their time. From this album onwards my art became a bigger struggle than during the music years. It is the most unusual irony I have ever experienced.

  • Musicians: John Christian, Gary Keller, Steve Brown, Drew King, Kelly Peckham.
  • Instrumentation: guitar, drums, bass, piano, organ, vocals.