The Dead Of Night studio album recorded in The Engine Room.

The Dead Of Night was a means by which I could play guitar since the bands I was in at the time were ones where I either sang lead, played synth or drums. The other reason for The Dead Of Night was to spend time waiting for the birth of my son. A third reason was so that we could be booked as a small, easy to manage band in support of bigger name acts - thus getting my name known to more people. All in all it was a lot of fun to play in The Dead Of Night. I modeled the band's sound after The Cure's album Pornography.

One interesting note: I enjoyed this band so much I got a tattoo of the bands symbol - a cresent moon with a star - on my right shoulder. Unfortunately, many people have thought that I am Turkish because of it.

  • Musicians: Jon Christian, Deborah Forbes.
  • Instrumentation: Yamaha CS20, Roland TR808, guitar, vocals.