Deadbeat's studio album recorded at Number Nine Sound in Toronto. Deadbeat was a immediatte success after their first show in December 1984 while Rick Menich was the drummer. Now Magazine happened to be in the audience and they took pictures and later conducted an interview with me. We made it to the cover story of the next edition. It opened doors for us and soon we felt we had to replace Rick since - as he already knew - he wasn't a solid enough drummer. With the addition of Barry Andrews the band became quite big despite the goulish nature. Deadbeat was a vampy fun band. I left due to personal diiferences with regards to responsibilities that two members were not conforming to. I wanted to continue on with Barry but he had other plans for his life. He lives in England today and is a successful business man.

  • Musicians: Jon Christian, Dave Tait, Ion Newport, Barry Andrews.
  • Instrumentation: guitar, bass, synth, drums, vocals.